We'll discuss your ideas, the space you envision the piece in, and your aesthetics. I'll explain my work process and prices, and we'll set up project expectations. This may involve some on-the-fly sketching or a joint Pinterest board to make sure we're both on the same page and ready to get started!


I'll create pencil-and-paper sketches as well as small painted sketches to clarify subject, colors, and composition. We'll thoroughly discuss all the sketches and come up with a plan for the final piece.


I'll begin work on your painting, taking regular in-progress photos to update you during each stage. I will remain in good communication with you so we can correct course as needed.

Select commissioned work

Escape from the Cubicle, 2014

Reservoir, 2014

Curious about having a unique work made?

I'd love to get a chance to work with you! Send me a message at diana (dot) e (dot) willard (at) gmail (dot) com I'll get back to you as soon as possible.